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Playful, Personalized



Reading  &  Handwriting Instruction

 About Merriment

Merriment Learning offers playful, personalized reading and handwriting instruction for K-8 students in the Seattle area.   Each learning session is thoughtfully tailored to meet the needs and interests of individual students.  Students are actively engaged with stories, games, and playful as they master essential language concepts. 

Lessons take place in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, near the Woodland Park Zoo.


One-on-one support, based on the linguistic reading intervention program, Wired For ReadingTM .   Lessons utilize fun, multi-sensory activities and interactions intended to solidify phonemic awareness and knowledge, teach letter/language patterns, increase reading fluency, build vocabulary,  strengthen comprehension,  and establish expert spelling skills.   Familieis can count on a warm, accepting connection and a team approach.

Tuition fees are paid in advance monthly.
$95 per ​50-minute session.  



One-on-one instruction intended to help students confidently express themselves through writing with ease and comfort.   Utilizing multi-sensory activities, games, and playthings--students develop correct letter formation, line placement, spacing, sizing skills, and more.   Familieis can count on a warm, accepting connection and a team approach.  


Tuition fees are paid in advance monthly.

$90 per ​45-minute session.  

Meet the Teacher

Katy Delucchi, MEd is a WA Certified Teacher, with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development, as well as extensive training in Wired For ReadingTM and Handwriting Without Tears. Her 25 years of experience in education includes classroom teaching for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade.  She has enjoyed acting as Parent Educator for Community College and Cooperative Schools, as well as Preschool Director and Program Supervisor.  Katy forms thoughtful relationships with children and families and designs joyful, active learning experiences that are meaningful to each unique child.  She is also a proud mom to two teenage sons.  


Call (206) 293-2110 


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